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Establish a lifelong, enjoyable meditation practice! Primordial Sound Meditation is a mantra-based meditation technique rooted in ancient wisdom from India. It is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and has been tried and tested for its effectiveness and benefits. The Primordial Sound Meditation Course is divided into four sessions so that students may both successfully experience Primordial Sound Meditation and get practical questions answered. Group classes are offered on a first come, first served basis. We suggest a 6 person minimum and 8 person maximum per group. Each session includes a presentation, discussion, activities, and guided meditation (we don't meditate the whole time). Pricing includes all four sessions (approximately 7 hours of total instruction), receiving your personal mantra calculated through eastern astrology, guided meditations, course materials from the Chopra Center, and a whole-health tool that will forever be yours.

Sessions I & II: INTRO TO Meditation & RECEIVE YOUR MANTRA

In your first session, you will be introduced to the basic principles and benefits of meditation and the history of Primordial Sound Meditation. Topics also include intentions, thoughts and the brain, restful awareness, karma, and layers of life. In session two, typically held the same day, you will receive personal instruction in your mantra and begin using it through a guided meditation. (allow 3.5 hours)


In this session you will learn some of the practical considerations for meditation (when and how to meditate, the power of mantras, discovering our purposes, and types of meditation experiences) to help sustain an ongoing, enjoyable practice. The session concludes with a guided meditation. (allow 1.5 hours)


In the final session, you will learn about developing greater awareness of meaningful coincidences and higher states of consciousness that can be achieved with regular Primordial Sound Meditation practice! This session also offers a guided meditation. This session is held on the same day as Session III during two-day workshops.  (allow 2 hours)

Our intention is to share this incredible meditation practice with everyone who feels they may benefit from it. Realizing people have different financial needs and flexibility, we are inviting you to decide how much you are able to pay for the course. There is no wrong choice and in addition to covering our time and costs, your payment will help us to sustain our ongoing free classes and community outreach.

WELLSPRING RATE: $245 (use coupon code "WELLSPRING")
NAMASTE RATE: $195 (use coupon code "NAMASTE")
BUDDHA RATE: $150 (use coupon code "BUDDHA")

Rates are subject to change and may vary due to location hosting fees. Please contact us for private instruction, in-kind services, or to discuss other financial needs. We ask for a 50% deposit, which is refundable with two weeks notice of cancellation prior to the start date of the course. We ask for the remaining payment on the start date of the course. We'll also come to you! Please contact us to organize a group meditation course or experience at your studio, workplace, home, or organization. More questions? Visit our FAQ page.