“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.”  - Deepak Chopra


We are honored and privileged to share this practice with our amazing community. See what people are saying about the Primordial Sound Meditation course and their meditation experiences below!

Hi Kristen. It has been a little over a week since I attended your course on “Primordial Sound Meditation” and to say I learned a lot is an understatement! Meditation has literally changed my life. Mentally I am more focused, tolerant, and relaxed. There are REAL physical benefits as well. I am sleeping thru the night for the 1st time in 6 months! I feel energized and lighter (about six pounds) LOL. Meditation brings awesome change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Phil R.
I recently took Kristen Taylor’s Primordial Sound Meditation course and couldn’t be happier that I did. The course was excellent, educational, and inspiring. I left with a newfound prospective on meditation and life itself. Kristen is a very engaging and positive instructor. The environment that was created felt warm, engaging, expert, and patient. I am grateful for the experience.
— Bridget W.
Recently I participated in a 3-day Primordial Meditation course led by Kristen Taylor. I’ve always seen myself as a Type-A personality and never thought I’d have the patience or self-discipline to be able to meditate in any effective way. But as a result of Kristen’s observant and generous guidance, I’ve learned that, yes, I can meditate and truly benefit from doing so. The course provided a wealth of information about the history and principles of primordial meditation; very useful techniques to help you deepen your practice; and a unique, personal mantra—very cool!

I highly recommend this course to any/everyone. Meditation practice is now and I hope will always be a part of my life. I’m very grateful to Kristen for leading me on this journey.
— Jennifer R.
Kristen’s Primordial Sound Meditation Series was truly a life-changing experience. Being in the health and wellness field for the past 12 years, I’ve had some education and experience with meditation before, but this is completely different. I’ve never had a personal mantra assigned and this gift along with Kristen’s amazing guidance is just what I needed to make some fantastic connections with myself and the world around me. Kristen is not only knowledgeable, kind and accepting, but she is able to keep things quite real while also delving deeper into the random universal questions that we all have. To me, this is a beautiful and delicate balance. I recommend this class to all my friends and clients and cannot speak highly enough of Kristen and Wellspring Meditation. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!
— Danielle J.
First and foremost I am really enjoying the addition of meditation to my daily life so: Thank You! I was really bored with the same old patterns, the same old routines - that hamster wheel of life was definitely getting me down - what I didn’t realize was that mediation was the key. Admittedly I was nervous about taking the course, about being able to mediate successfully ... the whole “oh, I can’t mediate, I’ve tried it before” kept coming to mind. The difference this time was that I was actually learning about mediation and your course gave me a clear and exciting path to follow. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and experiences made the course that much more fun too! Thank you because the journey just got a lot more interesting!!
— Janet S.-S.
At first I was skeptical, “I don’t have time in my day to sit there and do nothing.” I thought, “I’m just not that type, I have more important things to be doing, I can’t just switch off.” Oh how wrong I was. Meditation has allowed me to see the wood for the trees. What I mean by this is that meditation has allowed me to reevaluate the stressors in my life. Yes, my life continues to be stressful, but what meditation has taught me is that I have the ability to control my reactions to these stressors. While sitting in the Wellspring Meditation Primordial Sound Meditation Course, I can honestly say I had a eureka moment whereby my perspective on my life was shifted. I feel more in control, more sure and more content with where my life is right now. Each time I practice meditation, these feelings are reawakened in me.

I may have never taken this course if it were not for Kristen, our teacher. Having known Kristen for some time, I have noticed a perceptible change in her over the past few years. It is hard to describe this change, only to say it is most definitely a positive one. She is inspiring, and I am sure through her meditation classes she will continue to help me realize these positive changes in myself also.
— Jennifer V.
I completed the Primordial Sound Meditation Course, taught by Kristen Taylor, on January 18, 2018. I took this course for many reasons, and I was able to fulfill my expectations and continue on my learning journey of practicing peace, harmony and mindfulness in my every day life. Kristen exemplified many excellent qualities to teach this course, in my opinion. She was well-prepared in advance and supplied us with a variety of learning tools, information and additional handouts, as well as audio-visual material that helped tremendously. I was given a personal mantra, and daily I utilize it with success. I highly recommend Kristen Taylor to anyone looking to learn more about bringing joy to their personal life, as well as adding to the much-needed peace and joy in this world!
— Maggie L.
I took the Primordial Meditation course to literally find out if I was doing meditation properly. I had so many questions. I mean, there is so much information available from the Internet that one wonders WHAT is the RIGHT way to freaking meditate. Then I learned it was just to make time and sit my butt down for a spell and be “still”. I was also curious to receive my mantra. What blew me away was the ceremony around receiving my mantra. It was so special. Kristen presented the material wonderfully and was always open to discussion. The tools and resources she provided are also very helpful. More than anything, my biggest take-away is to just be ‘still’ and breathe. That is all it takes to meditate properly.
— Julie S.
I have never meditated nor was I aware of what meditation truly is. Through River Yoga I was introduced to the Primordial Sound Meditation workshop, which I recently took. I became very inspired through Kristen Taylor’s knowledge and passion for Primordial Sound Meditation. I took this workshop to help me become more focused on relationships, appreciate the “little” things in life and my surroundings, and most importantly, to cultivate those emotions within me I want to improve upon. I have become aware of a positive energy not only with those around me, but in every day living, whether it be through yoga or a healthy lifestyle. Meditating is very difficult for me right now, but I hope to be able to fully cultivate this practice.
— Barbara H.
I took Kristen’s class with few preconceived notions of meditating and its benefits. Kristen was an excellent teacher and kept us engaged through a course that was full of information and helpful tips. Weeks later I think her teachings have given me the tools to successfully practice and benefit from primordial sound mediation for years to come.
— John N.
Kristen Taylor’s Primordial Sound Meditation course for me was a spiritual experience. Her loving and caring approach to teaching meditation was a comfort and the relaxed atmosphere encouraged self discovery. The course guided and inspired me to start a regular meditation practice. It has become much more than just sitting, quieting my mind. I’m able to more clearly identify what I want my life to be like by focusing positive thoughts on my goals. What has surprised me are the subtle changes I’m beginning to recognize and feel. After meditation I carry an inner peace for several hours. When I can achieve clearing my mind I’m able to deal positively with difficult situations. I feel such freedom not to be repressing negative thoughts that we all know come back over and over again. The course has truly been an important step for me towards personal peace of mind and improved relationships. I’m looking forward to more self discovery as I continue the practice. I tell my friends, “Take the Primordial Sound Meditation course” and you might be surprised at what you discover.
— Kathy L.
We are very fortunate to have Kristen Taylor in our community. She is a gifted meditation teacher and passionate about sharing her considerable knowledge of Primordial Sound Meditation with others. Her 3 day course gave me a solid foundation and many useful tools upon which I can now build my personal meditation practice. Her free community meditation sessions and meditation classes at River Yoga are extra bonuses available to me in my meditation journey. Thank you, Kristen!
— Dede N.
One day while taking a class at River Yoga, Liz Price-Kellogg announced a unique opportunity to enroll in the Primordial Sound Meditation class offered by Kristen Taylor’s Wellspring Meditation. I followed my intuition and registered-I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but was eager to develop a more disciplined meditation practice. I have read about the many benefits of establishing a regular practice, but could not commit to doing so-perhaps because of fear, resistance, or not being good enough.

Kristen’s class was the inspiration and motivation that I needed to make meditation a daily priority. Her approach was passionate yet down to earth, as she shared personal testimonials about how the practice has changed her life in so many positive ways. Her instruction included one on one guidance, group meditation and gentle encouragement, and an inspiring discussion about higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

For several years, I have felt the weight of depression and anxiety prevent me from living the life I know I was born to live. Meditation has helped me to realize that I am not my thoughts, but rather the observer of them. This has helped me to emotionally disconnect from them and to be more peaceful and happy.

Last year, I lost my father to cancer and have been suffering from profound loss. Kristen’s course was introduced at a time in my life when I needed some loving kindness and permission to feel peace. Meditation has been my tranquility after years of running from the stillness, perhaps afraid of what I could discover within. Instead, the stillness has become my salvation, connecting me to the universal energy that guides me everyday.

I am very grateful to have followed my intuition and believe in the synchronicity that led me to work with Kristen. I encourage anyone who has any interest in learning more the benefits of meditation to enroll in this course. I have been a regular practitioner ever since the course and look forward to experiencing more personal growth, renewal, and love from daily meditation.
— Jennifer D.
The course was professionally handled with friendship and kindness. I think learning how to meditate with other like-minded people and learning how to connect with a universal energy and power greater than oneself through meditation is empowering.
— Linda D.
I am grateful that Kristen Taylor’s Primordial Sound Meditation course is and will continue to be the anchor to my meditation practice throughout my spiritual journey.

I am a student and teacher of life. I use the practices of yoga and meditation as tools throughout my journey. Although I am a professional and have education in yoga I never had taken a course dedicated to meditation specifically. I didn’t know much about the course before signing up, but i had faith in Kristen and knew it was something I needed to do and Holy Moly I’m happy I did.

The course was AMAZING. Kristen has a way of bringing your spiritual journey to a physical level with comfort and familiarity. I have meditated daily for 4 days straight, which doesn’t seem like a lot but the effects are unreal. My spiritual practice and my environments and life are becoming clearer and more vibrant. My energy levels are incredible, which allows for my creativity to flow. And the biggest thing is that I feel empowered and I love myself.

This will be a practice and gift that will help me throughout my life.

A huge Thank You to Kristen Taylor, Wellspring Meditation and the Chopra Center for this part in my journey.

Keep up the magic, it’s working. XO
— Cassandra L.
I just loved Kristen’s class. I have been in the wellness industry for 18 years. I am a firm believer that there are many pieces to the wellness puzzle. This was one piece that i definitely had been missing. I have noticed a lightness about myself, a peaceful energy. The universe is lining up after the first day ... paths are cleared ... highly recommended!
— Patricia B.
Kristen’s meditation class is one that everyone should take. She is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and presents it with enthusiasm. Her passion is truly remarkable and that passion motivates all her students. Having your own personal mantra helps to make you feel truly connected to your meditation. Outstanding workshop. Thank you Kristen.
— Linda A.
My uncertainty about all of it: subject matter, fitting into the class, and comfort level of the setting quickly dissipated. Kristen presents the material in an informative, passionate and interesting fashion. I already had dabbled in my own practice for about a year. This meditation workshop gave me new tools, a renewed commitment, and tracks toward a tribe that I have been seeking. The course is affordable and a great foundation for further learning.
— Sue H.
My introduction to meditation was with Kristen. If you have ever seen Kristen or had a conversation with her she radiates with beauty, love, and inspiration. So when she started her meditation classes I needed to find her secret and how she produces such positive energy. It was enlightening and fascinating. It opened my mind to a whole different concept of the energy we produce. And, when meditating with a group the energy is so positive and bright it changes your life. I am so thankful for Kristen and her meditation, it has inspired me that I can improve my life, and my space. Thank you.
— Rosy S.